Mallorca – the tourists island?

Hola chicos!

When I told my friends and family that I´ll stay a year in Palma, everyone was like: “Oh my god, that means fiesta all the time!” Maybe it is true. It seems like there is always a reason to celebrate. But it doesn´t mean to be at the German part “S`Arenal” and get drunk – in the morning, while listening to German Schlager songs and eating a Schnitzel. For me it´s already weird to go to Spain to get confronted by German culture. You can recognize that tourists automatically begin to talk in German, when they want to communicate with natives! Why? Is it so difficult to say “Hola”, “Gracias” and “Adios”? Not really, hm? At the other side tourists I met, expected everything to be perfect from people, who work at Mallorca! The bus came two minutes later then expected – catastrophe! To get your paella you have to wait some time – end of the world! So, you also expect the Germans or Austrians to be perfect, right? Unfortunately, they leave all their importance of good image and respect at home. There are people at the “S´Arenal”, who are already at the morning that drunk, that they get naked in a bar.

Probably I don´t have to explain, what do natives think about German speaking tourists, but I want to mention just one fact! Last week there was a demonstration against tourists!
As I am concerned, I feel ashamed to speak German in puplic. Of course, I do know that not all the tourists are that bad and they contribute an important part to the economy. Anyways, when I go to the airport, to wait for the plane from my city and I see the groups of tourists, who come from the plane with loud music, shouting around and with accessoires like penis – headbands, I can completely understand natives, who don´t like tourists.

Mallorca is so beautiful and not only Mallorquins want to enjoy the beauty. It´s understandable. Moreover it´s logical that hotels get built, but therefore nature gets destroyed – another bad fact! Websites to rent rooms like Airbnb get used a lot, and for this reason it gets a lot more difficult for natives to find flats for themselfs. So, please, at least, show respect to the people, who live in Mallorca and their culture!

¡Hasta luego!


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