Ande, ande, ande! – EVS Palma Part 4

¡Bonjour, comment ça va?

You are already in Christmas mood? Firstly, I thought I couldn´t get in this special mood in Palma. After all, outside there are temperatures like in Spring in Austria. Sun is shinning and believe it or not, I got a sunburn in my face on 3th the December! Unfortunately the temperatures in our flat are lower, so I have to really prepare myself before going to bad! I use my hot-water bottle, one cover and two blankets and before I sleep I drink a cup of tea! With these temperatures sometimes it´s hard to motivate myself to go out and explore more from Palma, but fortunately there are a lot activities, which are really worth to do in Christmas time in Palma!

On 3th de December, the Christmas lights in the city were turned on! Therefore, they made a big, impressing show! There was music and you could watch circus artists, who performed vertical acrobatics and pole dance shows. So, at the latest I got in Christmas mood at the 3th of December. Nearly in the hole city there are Christmas lights and at many places there are Christmas markets with a lot great food and stuff to buy. It´s really dangerous, because I love to eat and to buy little, cute stuff, which nobody needs! Moreover, I bought myself an Advent calendar and in NAÜM I studied the Christmas song La Marimorena (It´s a catchy tune, so don´t chlick when you don´t want to have that song for hours in your head.) with a boy. Ah, and have you known, that in the different countries (Christmas-)bells sound different? In Italy the campana and in France the cloche sounds like “diling diling”, whereas in Austria we say “klingeling”!

Before the 3th of December I was more in Summer-mood. We had our On-Arrival-Training and the weather was super good! We stayed in the hotel Horizonte in Palma, which for me was pure luxury. Above all the food was really good! As we live in Palma, firstly, we were a bit disappointed, that it isn´t in another country in Spain. Anyway, the training was super guay! We spent a week with great people from Poland, Estonian, Italy and Germany and our trainers Barbara, Toni and Carlos. We have been told a lot important informations about Erasmus+, the EVS and more. Moreover, we talked about our experiences and the different cultures. We made for example little plays without words to present our imagination of the different countries. It was funny to see what the different people think about the different countries. I was surprised about their imagination of Austria: The Viennese waltz, the violin and skiing. I liked that they didn´t think about people with beer bellies 😀
We made a lot of funny games to get awake and to start topics like “how to handle difficulties” and to know each other better. Moreover we had Castilian and and Catalan classes. We talked also about our learning process and that we are able to learn in our EVS what ever we want. It was so motivating for me. It´s the truth! The EVS is a great posibility to develop your own personality and to learn a lot important skills for life.
On Wednesday we went to Sineu, so we got to know a new part of Mallorca. There was a big marked, where we tried a pomegranate and seriously I havn´t known that they are really, really sweet. In Austria they are always really sour. But claro que si, the pomegranate in Mallorca needs neither plane nor ships to arrive the marcet. In generell, fruits and vegetables are a dream here. Well, back to the training, before we get hungry! We went also two times in bars in Santa Catalina, in the Paseo Maritimo and in the Moltabarra. We got to know ex-volunteers, who talked about their EVS.
All in all, this week was super intense, but very funny and interesting. Even it was in Palma it was bit like holidays!

Even we felt like nearly dead -¡Estuvimos echas polva!- Steffie and I went with Silvia, Celia, Christina and the other volunteers from NAÜM to Cólonia Sant Jordi. We were so tierd, that we had to laugh about everything. Do you know these moments, when you don´t have energy at all, but you have to stay awake, so your body produces a lot of adrenaline? Then you know for sure, that we were a bit in a crazy mood. Anyway it was a really nice weekend. At the first day we made our activity for the other volunteers. The last weeks we prepared the quiz Austria vs. Francia. Therefore, we showed fotos, songs and brought food and wine to try. The volunteers had to decide, if it´s typical Austria or French. It was funny and we were really happy, that it was working that well.
At the days we walked in the village and saw the beach. It´s so beautifull there!
Even I was like a zombie, I really enjoyed these days!

Back at home it was so strange to don´t have a fix programm, time to do nothing and I realized again how much I like to do a looooot of activities. So, I am going to search for more sports and a language course I can do. So, that is everything for this blog. Have a nice Advent season!

A bientôt,



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