Exploring more from the island – EVS Palma Part 6

Ciao a tutti! come state?

you know, a looot things happend the last time! Time goes so fast as never before. One reason, is that there are a lot of events in Palma. There is always a reason to celebrate in Palma! The first special event, was the show of the demonios (Maybe you know them as “Krampusse”). You could see a lot of groups of demonios. The music, lights and fire made everything even more exciting! Another event was the carneval. There was a big parade with different groups with really creative fancy dresses. At NAÜM we also celebrated carneval. For a week we had every day a different topic, at the last day of the week we made fiesta and on Saturday there was a parade with all the people from the barrio! The topic was “bario limpio“, it means “clean district“.

Los demonios

fuego y luzes

Carneval en el centro

Carneval en Son Roca

barrio limpio

My first guest!

In February my friend Juli visited me. She is my neigbour in Austria and I know her for an eternity, so I was so happy to spent time with her. We went to Valldemosa and Port de Soller. These are really beautiful, small villages – like right out of a picture postcard! This time was also for me like vacations and I took Mallorca even more in my heart! It´s such a beautiful place – convince yourself with the pictures! 😉
WIth the others from the flat, we went to a beer bar called Tramuntana. It´s great here – good music, beer and friendly people!

Moreover, we rented bicycles and went from the city center until “Arenal”. Maybe you know the German name “Ballerman”. It´s really famous in Austria and Germany. DIfferent tv-shows were made here, the tourists here drink a lot and pepole told me that the mayority is already at the mornings too drunk to be able to walk. In February there aren´t a lot of people, but in Summer it´s a madness here. I didn´t really like it. Everything is written in German. I don´t have the slightest idea, why to make holidays in a part of Spain, where everyone talks in German with you, you get German food, listen to German music, … A lot of people were thinking about the “Ballerman”, when I told them I´ll go to Mallorca, but Mallorca is much more then the Ballerman. Actually, I didn´t know for a long time, where this “Ballerman” is and the people I met in Palma, didn´t know the name “Ballerman”.
At least the beach is nice! Without much people. And I have to admitt, that I want to visit it another time in the Summer. Just to observe! I can´t really imagine it.


Playa Illetas

Puerto de Palma

Playa cerca del centro

Nuevo Pueblo Español


¡vistas increíbles!

Port de Soller

Furthermore, in February Steffie and I went to Taragona and Madrid! You can read more about it in my “journey special” blog entry (which I will publish as soon as possible)! 😉

At the end I want to tell you the latest news from our life here in Palma! Firstly, we had a looot of birthdays, in fact all in the flat beside of mine and there were also Xavis´and Silvias´ birthday. So, we had to celebrate a lot.

Secondly, in March we got two new volunteers – Claire from France (she lives with us in the flat) and Antoine, a french guy from Belgium! Now we are seven people in the flat. It´s a lot, but we´ll handle it! Moreover, we started our language course. I really hope, it´ll help. A fact which also changes a lot is the good weather. It´s already so warm outside. So, we spent a lot of time outside on our terrace and we went to the beach! Primavera started! Hope Spring starts also good for you!

Ci vediamo presto!!


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