Our flat and appearance has changed – EVS Palma Part 2

Hi guys, how’s it going? If you make an EVS, you will meet a lot of people from different countries!
In my case, we are six people with five different nationalities. By the way, I am from Austria (I forget this fact the last time). Now we are six people, because our new flat-mates – Federica from Italia and Tatiana from Russia – arrived.
The funny fact is that so many prejudices are true. For example Steffie from France is crazy about cheese and likes white wine a lot and Pier, the Italian guy has a impressful gestic when he talks and of course likes Pasta, which he made in the typical Italian way. (The explanation would be to complicated for this blog – ask Pier, if you want to know it!)

To don’t eat pasta everyday, I have tried vegan pancakes. Okay, yes, with my dreads I confirm another prejudice (BUT … I am not a vegan, only a vegetarian). Anyway, they made me happy! They are easy to make (flour, bananas, water) and they are just great! I forget the sugar, but because of the bananas the pancakes are sweet enough. Due to the last parts of this blog it seems to be, we are eating all the time, doesn’t it? I can reassure you, we sleep also! 😉 Naturally there is also our work and fiestas!

Let’s start with our work at NAÜM. It’s a center in Son Roca, where children and youngsters come after school to make their homework and of course to play. There are a lot of ofertas like cooking-, football,- computer- and dance-classes. To make this possible and to support the children as good as possible there are working a lot of educaters and also volunteers. In the morning I work in the administration. We were also two times in the university to inform the students about  the EVS and NAÜM.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
en la universidad: Tatiana, yo, Steffie, Federica, Silvia y Xavi

At the afternoons I work with children between nine and ten years, with the educaters Christina, Toni and Susanna. The work with the children is great! Of course it’s not always easy to communicate, because of my lack of Spanish-skills, but I have to mention, that most of the children understand that very well and speak slowlier with me. I also havn’t thought that the school-books could be written in Catalan, instead of Spanish. I helped a girl with maths, but she had to translate the tasks for me. It was really funny, because sometimes she asked me “Do you understand that? Are you sure?” and sometimes I asked her the same questions. Normally it should be only the educater, who ask that questions, right?
Anyway, I think it will get be better. Above all we made a Catalan-language-course. It´s so complicated for me. There are words, I can´t even imagine how to say them. It´s completely different from German and English and it´s also far away from Spanish.

After working and studying, we really desearve to go out. One time after work, our tutor Silvia from NAÜM, all the girls from the flat and two work-mates, called Anna and Celia went in the city center.
Firstly, we went to the tattoo and piercing shop #Global Tattoo Palma to ask for an appointment. Steffie wanted to have a tatoo, Federica and I piercings.
Secondly, we went to a bar, called #Sa Jugueteria to eat burgers and drink something. In the bar there are two swings and on the wall hang a lot of games. When you enter the bar, you just think “Wow, It can´t get better”, but when you go to the second floor and see the little kiddie kitchen, you will get more impressed. After one, two or three cervezas it gets even more mono (It´s my new favourite word in Spanish and means “cute”)!
Moreover, on the way home we always find a lot of great stuff at the street. So, we have a new bedside table, a rack, a pallet, a chair and a mirrow in our flat!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
nuestra estantería muy bonita

The next day we met with Anna to go to the tattoo and piercing shop. Firstly, Steffie became her tattoo and it seemd to be that everyone was more excited than Steffie herself. Next, Federika became her Septum and last my lip got pierced. Yes, it hurted! Moreover I got really dizzy, so I couldn´t stand up for like 20 minutes. When you want to have a piercing, please buy yourself a coke or somethink else, which contains sugar!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
tatuaje y piercings

Let´s move on to the next and I swear to the last topic! On one weekend there was the gran fin de temporana. It´s a party in the Sa Possessió and this place is amazing. It is a ruin, which is mainly without roofs. So, there are different rooms, but you can see the sky, while listening the music and dancing. My favourite area, was the room, where a ska-band played. Everybody was dancing and there was even a little mosh-pit, I also met a guy, with who I have talked with in the club Sabotage. So, not only Salzburg is so small, that you meet all the people at least twice.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
el principio de la fiesta

I would have some other topics to write about, but that would be to much for only one blog! So, I will continue the next time with information about the barrio Son Roca, the time with my grandmother (she is going to visit me and I am looking really forward to to see her!), the pole dance classes I joined, more about comidas and bebidas in Mallorca and probably another activities I don´t know about yet!

Bye, see you next time!

Love, Malin


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