Two homes – EVS Palma Part 5

¡Uep! ¿Com va?

I hope you had good Christmas holidays! I stayed mine in Austria to visit my family and friends. As I miss them a lot, it was really nice to see them all. It was also hard to manage everything to spent enaugh time with everyone. Moreover I learnt again, what “coldness” means, but all in all I had a lot warm moments in Austria and even in Germany!

¡Nieve un pocito en Salzburgo!

¡hermanos locos!

¡de nuevo a Palma!

After two weeks, I went back to Palma de Mallorca. My second home. 1.237, 22 km as the crow flies away from Salzburg. It´s kind of weird to have two homes. It´s even more weird, when you couldn´t decide for one home. Otherwise maybe home is, where the people you like stay and when you can create your life how you want. And actually we are free, to decide, which kind of life-style we choose. Doesn´t matter where we are! Before I started my EVS, I thought something like: “Okay, now I´ll stay a year in another country, then for sure I am ready to study and stay in Austria!” But the last time I realized, that I want to see more from the world. There are so much beautiful places to explore!! Fortunately there are a lot possiblities.. Erasmus+ offers to participate in or/and plan youth exchanges, and there are also special offers for young people to make a world trip. So, that´s enaugh about future! I have to stay in the present and stop thinking to much about future…


The first day back in Palma was the day of the Reyes Magos and we had visitors. Together we ate un roscón de reyes a special, traditional cake, which contains a bean and a little king. Later we went to the Boulevard Maritimo Club. To go out here is different then in Austria. It seems as the Spanish people have more energy and are more motivated to dance and celebrate.

I am so looking forward to the next time in Palma. There are a lot fiestas in the city because of San Sebastian, we get visitors and begin to travel! But more about that in the next blog! Have a nice day!




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