Winter is coming – EVS Palma Part 3

Hey! Wie geht´s? Do you know the feeling when you completly loose the feeling for time?

As I am concerned, I did and I do. Time goes so fast, that sometimes I really don´t know how much time I am already in Palma. Today it was the same. Steffie and I decided to go to two shops after our meeting with Xavi. I aspected to be back approximately at two o´clock, but finally we got lost in a akward place. Namely, in a field in a industrial area, which seemed a bit like a jungle… and I don´t exaggerate! 😉 After some time we found our goal: the shop Carrefour. We went there to buy French food. We really expected to find something, because it´s a French shop, but guess what? We found nearly nothing! Just wine.. but, well, wine is fine! Instead of two o´clock, we arrived nearly at six o´clock. To assimilate our trauma we just had to go to the Bar Estadio next to our flat! 😉

en algun parte en el campo

To put it in a nutshell, I am happy that we survived our adventure and I am able to write this blog entry. Let´s start with highlights from my work!

  • In October the 20th there was the fiesta de virgines. On this day, the girls get certain flowers from the boys and in return the girls make Bunyols -a spanish pastry- for the boys. The colours of the flowers have different meanings. Red for example means “love” and white “friendship”. We ate Bunyols and made flowers by paper.
  • Secondly, we had a workshop about diversity! The woman teached by a game that we have all different interests, but everybody is important. Moreover we read a book about a boy with two mums and talked about the different family structures.
  • Next, we celebrated Halloween by playing games and eating. The volunteers prepared the decoration, which was really spooky.
  • On a Friday, we went with the smaller children in the supermarked to buy Merienda (lunch) and then we went to a park with a playground. It was a great, exciting and at the same time a exhausting day. With young children, you really have to pay a lot of attention always, to secure safety!
  • Moreover, we went to the teatro del mar to watch the play Hanna de 4 paises (“Hanna from 4 countries”). It´s a piece about four girls, who had to left their home. It was very exciting, also because they made it serious and funny at the same time. Moreover, I was really happy, that I understood nearly everything!
  • Another activity, which was really great was the taller de dulces (candy workshop). We made candies by chocolate, oreo cookies and bananas. The children were so happy to make candies, it made me happy too! Also because I got the candies with bananas. Most of the kids don´t like them.
  • The last special highlight from work, was the activity with the other volunteers. Rafa and Esmeralda, two other volunteers prepared some tasks for us. We had to search different places in Son Roca and make Selfies. After that, we went to see a football game. I have to admitt that I get really fast bored by football, but anyway the ambience in a stadium is something special. Moreover, I like it, when people are enthusiastic about something!
  • In generell a highlight for me is, that I approved my Spanish skills. Well, one boy from NAÜM told me surprised something like: “You are able to speak all languages, but no Castellan!”, but anyway now it´s a lot easier to talk and work with the children! It´s such a good feeling, when you are able to take finally a conversation without any problems!! Moreover to explain something to the children is a challenge! I have never thought how hard it is to explain multiplications in another language. A great help are the educaters Christina and Toni I work with. They tell me how I can explain or teach something to the children.

¡Celebramos Halloween!

Let´s move on with some highlights from my leisure time!

  • Firstly, my grandmother and her boyfriend visited me in Palma. It was so good, to see them, as I miss my familiy already. I showed them the most important places in the city center and we went to eat something.
  • Secondly, I really enjoy my pole dance classes! There are people, who think it´s only like walking around the pole… But! That´s not right at all! You need a lot of strength, flexibility and balance. Moreover, you have to be really aware about what you are doing, to be safe. It´s the perfect work-out and you can learn really beautifull figures and choregraphies! I can really recommend the Dance École.
  • Another place, which I love to be is Palma Jump. It´s a big center, with a lot of different trampolines and also a slackline. I went one time at the weekend. There were a birthday party with a lot of children. So, it was really loud, but also funny, because the children asked me to show them some jumps. Anyway, I prefer to go on Fridays, because there are less people and that´s better to concentrate.
  • One night, Federica and I have painted our mirror and I have to say the result is fantastic. I am very happy, that Federica also likes to make arts. So, we have a lot of plans. For example we want to make ceramics and change our clothes!
  • Finally I have found a favourite place in Palma. It´s a park near to our flat and there is everything to have a good time. You can do a lot of sports there like basket ball and there is also a space with a certain floor to do for example gymnastics. But not only people, who like sports will like this park. There is also enaugh space to relax, to catch a bit of sun and to enjoy a amazing view. Moreover, the park is really big. So, everytime I go, I discover something new. That makes my walks there so exciting.
  • Another thing, which I really like are the bars in Palma. There is the bar La Croissanteria, where you can get tapas y cañas (tapas and beer) for one euro and great bocadillos! Bocadillos are white breads with “smashed tomatoes” and other ingredients you can choose. They offer it for example with cheese, tortilla or bacon.

As I promised in the next blog, now some informations about Son Roca! (I am not going to promise anything again, because now my blog entry is way too long again, but I have to write more!) Son Roca is a calm part of the city. Only the dogs (and there are a lot dogs) make noise, when we go to work. There are schools, a swimming pool, a place to play football, a libary, some bars, some shops, and playground and last but not least our workplace NAÜM! Son Roca is placed higher as the city center for example and is near of the mountains. Due to these facts, the weather in Son Roca is colder. Our work-mates told us, that also in summer the weather is different. Summers in Son Roca are hotter then in other parts.

That´s all for now 😉 Thanks for reading my blog! Have a good time!!

Bis zum nächsten Mal! Alles Liebe,



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