Palma Piso

One flat. Four bedrooms. One kitchen. Two bathrooms. Seven personalities. Five nationalities. Palma Piso!
Maybe you can imagine how funny, exciting and annoying it is to live with so much different persons in one flat. In our Palma Piso (Yes, it is that legendary, that it has even a name) we are people from France, Italy, Russia, Hungary and Austria. Even we are all different, we have something in common. We want to explore and enjoy! We came to Palma to make an Eurpean Voluntary Service, which is a program from Erasmus+.
Those months are a mixture of work and holidays. We all have our projects with responsibilites, but as we are EVS volunteers we have also a lot of freedom. Freedom to enjoy. Freedom to learn. Freedom to explore new places. Freedom to celebrate life. In this year also a lot happend in the flat or outside with flat-mates!

10 things, which can happen in a shared flat:

  1. There is always someone to talk! Actually you are never alone. It is nice to come home and share your experiences with someone else.
  2. To have lunch or dinner together (and when you are lucky, to have a Italian master chef in your flat!)
  3. Celebrate together! It is great, when you have everybody for partying in your flat or you can just meet on your terrace to have some beers. Maybe you don´t have to go out, because there is enaugh party feeling in your flat!
  4. Make some trips together. It´s much easier, when your flat is the meeting point.
  5. To get creative and organize for example painting, bracelets or streching workshops!
  6. To have always someone to help you around. Sometimes for example you don´t know how to open a coconut and there is someone, who can fix it (and your flat mates can tell you, when the coconut isn´t good anymore – just in case!)
  7. You have to find a way to organize cooking and using the bathroom. With so much people there is always someone, who wants to use one of this two rooms. It can cause a lot chaos.
  8. Sharing! For example candies!
  9. Organize some karaoke and dancing together. Your neighbours will be happy!
  10. Maybe those little crazy moments are the best ones – just to laugh together and to be there for each other.

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