Palma Piso

One flat. Four bedrooms. One kitchen. Two bathrooms. Seven personalities. Five nationalities. Palma Piso! Maybe you can imagine how funny, exciting and annoying it is to live with so much different persons in one flat. In our Palma Piso (Yes, it is that legendary, that it has even a name) we are people from France,... Continue Reading →


Exploring more from the island – EVS Palma Part 6

Ciao a tutti! come state? you know, a looot things happend the last time! Time goes so fast as never before. One reason, is that there are a lot of events in Palma. There is always a reason to celebrate in Palma! The first special event, was the show of the demonios (Maybe you know... Continue Reading →

Two homes – EVS Palma Part 5

¡Uep! ¿Com va? I hope you had good Christmas holidays! I stayed mine in Austria to visit my family and friends. As I miss them a lot, it was really nice to see them all. It was also hard to manage everything to spent enaugh time with everyone. Moreover I learnt again, what "coldness" means,... Continue Reading →

Ande, ande, ande! – EVS Palma Part 4

¡Bonjour, comment ça va? You are already in Christmas mood? Firstly, I thought I couldn´t get in this special mood in Palma. After all, outside there are temperatures like in Spring in Austria. Sun is shinning and believe it or not, I got a sunburn in my face on 3th the December! Unfortunately the temperatures... Continue Reading →

EVS – the adventure started

¡Hola!, ¿Qué tal? Have you ever heard about the European Voluntary Service? Well, I think so! This program makes it possible to live and work for a certain time abroad. In the next blog entries I am going to tell you about my experiences in my workplace NAÜM and in my leisure-time in Palma, Mallorca.... Continue Reading →

Mallorca – the tourists island?

Hola chicos! When I told my friends and family that I´ll stay a year in Palma, everyone was like: "Oh my god, that means fiesta all the time!" Maybe it is true. It seems like there is always a reason to celebrate. But it doesn´t mean to be at the German part "S`Arenal" and get... Continue Reading →

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